World of Warcraft Gold Dupe Hacks

If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for awhile, then you’ve probably come across mention of the infamous Gold Dupe Hack, which, it is claimed, will double the WoW gold you have. Well, I’ve been looking long and hard and just like a bunch of other WoW hacks that are fakes, I’ve concluded that a legitimate Gold dupe hack for World of Warcraft doesn’t exist either.

It appears that one may have existed at one point a couple of years ago (though the evidence is iffy at best), but Blizzard has patched any holes in their gaming software that would have allowed for that kind of exploit anyway, so if it really did exist, it certainly doesn’t work anymore . So anyone offering to send you a gold dupe hack is, in all likelihood, actually sending you a keylogger.

A keylogger is basically a trojan or virus that captures the information you are keying and transmits it to someone else. This is how World of Warcraft scammers steal accounts and gold from WoW Players. The easiest players to dupe and steal from are greedy ones. So when you think about it, the gold dupe hack is perfectly named — because the Dupe is the player who downloads one. Be careful to avoid downloading any so-called “WoW hacks” on torrent networks. I can just about guarantee that you’ll be downloading a virus of some kind rather than the mythical script that you are hoping to find.

There are easier ways of getting more gold into your account. There are several different WoW gold guides available that explain all the shortcuts and the best strategies to use to get gold faster and none of them involved cheating, hacks or bots of any kind. My preferred guide is Derek’s Gold Guide, so I would take a look at that one if you are looking to amass gold in your account. It’s a lot cheaper than having your account stolen!

The time you spend fruitlessly searching for a real gold hack could be spent instead using some of the strategies to quickly amass your own gold legitimately without the threat of being banned by Blizzard or having someone else break into your account.

Source by Emma Martin

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