The Benefits of Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings are a practical and functional way to expand living space. When added to the side of the caravan you have all the storage room you will ever need close at hand. The main benefits are that they are fairly inexpensive to buy and are ideal for giving extra accommodation without the need for a bigger sized caravan.

Most of them are quite easy to set up as long as you follow the instruction manual. The larger awnings will take longer as there is more to them, such as extra attachments and poles that need to be configured properly to avoid confusion. Laying everything out beforehand is a good way of setting up as you can quickly access all the parts, and get an overall view of what should go where.

Your caravan will have an awning rail or runner along the side and this is where you place the awning. Some manufacturers have their own attachment systems such as quick fit brackets which make the process easier to handle. Whatever method you use it is very important to attach securely and safely, you do not want the awning to be blown away if the wind picks up. Once secured you will need to assemble the support poles and adjust any tension arms. The canvas or fabric has to be tight to the structure to prevent it blowing out and causing damage to the supports. Pegging systems also help in this matter.

On most awnings you will have side and front panels that can be removed or re-arranged depending on what type of set up you require. The windows and doors can also be zipped up or folded away to create air flow through the canopy, which is essential on hot summer days. Another neat invention is the mesh windows, which allow the air to circulate but prevent any flying insects from getting through. This mesh window usually has a foil cover that can be drawn down at night to keep the cold out.

High grade materials are now widely available for most modern caravan awnings, and this technology adds strength and durability. They are also very lightweight, so they are easier to stow away and carry. Acrylic and polyester are the most common fabric types and these are waterproof and breathable at the same time. They offer comfort on hot days, and good protection on rainy days.

Source by Andy Robinson

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