Reduce Your Daily Energy Consumption by Using Skylights and Daylights

Many homes do not have enough natural light, and homeowners are forced to use artificial lights to brighten and illuminate their home. However, this may not be an eco friendly option and may lead to higher energy bills. To reduce the energy consumption without making your home look dingy and dark, the best option is to install skylights or a daylighting system. These systems do not use artificial light as a light source but rather use natural light. Using natural light to light up homes can save much of the monthly energy consumption.

Skylight system allows more natural light to enter in homes. It can give you the feeling of an open sky in your home. It is like a window, but with a difference that it is placed strategically on the roof to provide more daylight. Skylights are very useful in areas which do not get much natural light such as hallways, walk-in-robes, and rooms next to verandas or patios. They use optics for capturing, transferring and delivering natural light effectively into homes. Skylight system has two main components – the top structure which is on the roof and the ceiling structure having a ceiling panel and a ceiling frame. Some homes have a duct that connects the ceiling frame and the top structure. There are different types of skylights available, such as traditional skylights, roof windows, and sun tunnels.

Daylights, which is also known as tubular skylights, can save your energy consumption just as skylights do. It captures sunlight on the rooftop and then redirects it down through a reflective tube into areas which need more natural light. They consist of a dome on the roof and a diffuser in the ceiling. The diffuser and dome are connected with a tube that is made of highly reflective materials. Unlike skylights, which cannot be used in all types of homes, daylights can be easily installed in all types of homes, one level home or multi level home. The installation and the material costs of daylighting system are less than those of skylight system.

Daylights and skylights have some other advantages also apart from providing enough natural light for illuminating a particular area. Due to daily exposure to natural light, there is a general overall improvement in the physical and mental well-being of the people living there, which also boosts their energy and concentration levels. By allowing them to switch off their electric bulbs during the day, these systems save their energy bills and also help in reducing environmental pollution.

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