Family Guide To The Harrison Porch Awning

An RV or caravan is useful for taking the whole family to a vacation, including little kids, but the space it provides is limited. A porch awning is handy as extra room in which to eat, sleep, relax or stow things, and costs less than a canopy or tent. The Harrison porch awning is among the favorable choices because of its quality and that it can accommodate nearly every make of caravan. The Supreme Porch and Demi Porch ranges are among Harrison’s residential and commercial awnings.

The top-of-the-line Harrison porch awning designed for families is the Supreme Porch. It is as long as regular caravan awnings but narrower and weighs just 23 kg., easy to put up or away. Either side paneling is completely removable, with one portal on the left and double that on the right. The latter gives way to an annex, standard or tall. Folding up the front paneling entirely is simplified by its exclusive unzipping design and transforms the awning into an outdoor lounge room. It has an oversized transparent window.

Projecting at 244 cm. (8 ft.), the Harrison Supreme Porch awning offers options of alloy or passivated steel for the metal framework. The color-adherent 290 g. acrylic walling shades contents from severe weather conditions, with 10 years anti-fade quality assurance. The PVA finished roofing and easy-clean Terylene-strengthened PVC bottom panels make protective covers as well. On top of stitched-in foam and bracket padding, the mud partitions in matching hues can be attached either way. A terrace pole and side panel mosquito netting are sold as optional add-ons.

Another Harrison porch awning is available as a low-cost substitute to full awnings. The Demi Porch, weighing lightly at 18 kg., is 183 cm. (6 ft.) long and 152 cm. (5 ft.) in projection. The front paneling with large transparent window can be unzipped totally. Each side paneling has a transparent window and zippered curve portal. Likewise, it has a PVA finished roof, PVC with Terylene bottom panels, color-adherent polyester walling, passivated steel framing and side foam padding. Either range includes a draught skirt, clamps, twister beams, wheel wrapping and matching-color drapes.

Source by Mark Fullmer

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