Don’t Burn Out In The Fires Of Change

Few folk enjoy the freedom of focusing on change.

It would be nice to drop all your normal duties to rebuild your job from the ground up.

Alas, it is but a fantasy for most of us.

You’re expected to get through your normal duties and figure out how to redefine everything you do. If you’re lucky, those duties lesson for a while. Maybe this change initiative comes during a slow period, for example.

But you can’t always count on it.

Many organisations can’t afford to slow down, even though they can’t afford to stay the same.

Change, business as usual, please don’t burn out.

Even so, there are things you can do as a strategic leader to help this process along and keep your people safe.

The first thing won’t surprise anyone who knows me. And that’s to cultivate trust. When your people trust you, it’s weird how much harder they can work without burning out. You can’t use that as a “trick” or “hack”, though. You have to earn their trust.

Earning trust takes time, which you might not have. If change is already upon you, then turn to my second tip:

Embrace microlearning.

Every change initiative I’ve ever seen has involved a lot of information. Instead of bombarding people or linking a 147-page document covering it all, break it down into the smallest pieces.

Can you create a three-minute video explaining this chunk?

What about two paragraphs of text?

Think about an employee of yours for a sec. Imagine they are swamped. They’re juggling phone calls, emails and a few wickedly tight deadlines.

But in order to move ahead on the task before them, they need to follow the new process.

They remember that much. What’s a little hazier right now is what that process is.

As their leader, what can you do to make this situation easier?

If they have to skim through an hour-long video to find the relevant 30 seconds, (which I’ve had to do before,) then you’ve failed them.

You want change to be smooth?

Well, the smoothest things are the smallest.

Make it easy to find what they need and nothing else.

Some people are going to resent change. It’s human nature. But if they have to slog through junk they don’t need just to do their jobs, then that resentment is on you.

Enable your people.

Keep what they need on hand.

Remove all obstacles.

This is the way of the leader.

Source by William T Batten

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