Advantages Of Using Sun Louvers For Exterior Sun Control

While the sun is a most important and useful resource, it can also have damaging effects. This is why it is necessary that exterior sun control measures be taken. This involves capturing the heat of the sun and its glare in order to keep the interior of a house cool. This can be done in a number of ways but sun louvers are one of the most common and effective methods. They are also not demanding in terms of maintenance. They only need to be washed down with soapy water. It is easy to take them down to clean them and the windows the protect.


Neither can they be attacked with mildew or fade. A guarantee is given with every installation. They prevent insect attacks as well and they are efficient when used instead of insect screens on patios and over windows and doors. They do not stifle good airflow either so air still flows freely into a room.

Aesthetic Value

Apart from functionally, they can also be used decoratively. They come in an array of shades and colors so there is something for every home. Similar louvers can be installed over all the windows for a uniform look all over the house. Outward visibility is not interfered with. However, where the interior light is placed does affect it. Should lights be on, inward visibility is maintained however louvers do provide some added privacy.

UV Blocking

A louver blocks out 60 to 90 percent of UV light. However, just 10 to 40 percent of visibility is diminished. This is affected by the kind of louvering fabric that is used. In any case, light is seen clearly and not tinted but its brilliance is lowered.


Regardless of whether the windows have drapes that are lightly colored, louvers still work. It ensures the curtains do not get damaged from UV rays. Note however that darker louvers work better to reduce solar heat compared to lightly colored ones when it comes to exterior louvers.

OK For Plants

Houseplants are not hampered by louvers. They in fact protect them from turning yellow and losing water, which can dry them out. Plants in fact prefer filtered light and not brilliant sunlight. However, some exposure to direct sunlight does them good and they can be taken outside for short durations but not when the sun is high.

Economic Advantages

Louvers also present financial benefits. They have been found to reduce utility bills in a typical household. After installing them, the payback period falls between approximately 2 and 3 cooling seasons. Louvers should be kept up during cold months. As long as there is light, the sun is out even though it may be cold. Additionally, the thermal performance of windows rises by about 15 percent.

Source by J. Ben Pate

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