A Review of the Annihilation Method

The Annihilation Method is a tutorial series by Neil Strauss, the author of the bestselling book The Game. It comes in DVD/CD and downloadable PDF formats, and contains a chunk of what Neil Strauss teaches in his books and his boot camps. If you’ve never read or listened to it, but would like to know how it can contribute to your seduction strategies, read this review in full.

Why ‘Annihilation’?

Although the title conjures images of some massive arms race somewhere, the name is all about getting rid or annihilating inner demons, insecurities and whatever it is that’s preventing you from getting what you want out of dating and out of life.

But it’s a long shot for someone to get the hidden message just by the name; and the images of some war, or something equally negative still weight heavily in the mind of a potentially good rookie pick up artist. Worse, one may assume that the name denotes some sort of declaration of war on single women in nightclubs, which would set you back 70 years in terms of civilized social conduct. But then again, it’s not about that, it’s about dating and seduction techniques.

Striking Similarities to the Mystery Method

Mystery, or Erik von Markovik, is another notable seduction guru of the VH1 The Pick Up Artist fame. The only difference is that The Annihilation Method throws in a bit of Neil Strauss’ own philosophies, as well as some mind reading strategies.

Here are the basic problems with The Annihilation Method: there’s too much entertainment value and not enough skill set tutorials. Although the book’s main focus is attraction, defined as getting a woman’s attention and amazement, you’ll be surprised at how little the whole thing contributes to your overall life change.

What You Can Expect

Expect to be entertained. The appearance of Hypnotica, Steve P. and Mystery makes for some entertaining read and viewing. If you’re looking to learn actual tactics and techniques for approaching women, and escalating from friendship to being lovers, then you may want to save your few thousand bucks for a better resource. The techniques they teach will get you liked, if your definition of ‘liked’ involves turning heads and performing antics for the ladies’ viewing pleasure in a club.

I still maintain that a good seduction resource should deal with sexual anxiety or social anxiety, which is a good start if your goal is to learn a long term strategy for eliminating inner stumbling blocks to effective seduction. All in all the Annihilation Method is entertaining, but it does not add anything when it comes to dealing with what happens after attraction.

Source by Jon Sinn

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