A Lesson On How To French Kiss – Tips On How To Kiss Right And Passionately

Kissing is a very romantic gesture of affection which is more intimate than any other sexual act. You do not have to be in Paris France to learn how to French kiss. Even while in Paris, Texas you can still learn the mouth-to-mouth art of French kissing. Add to your lips a French flavor and kiss like a real soul mate. To kiss passionately you need to know the secret behind good timing. If you know when to go full-throated for the kill you will really get the kill but if you do the wrong timing, you will certainly miss it. To time correctly, pay close attention to your lover’s pace of breathing. If he is breathless and panting like an animal go straight for him. This calls for the lusty French kiss.

If your lover’s breathing is calm, relaxed and predictable, you have got some coaxing to do. Coy French kiss is most appropriate. The first thing to understand while learning how to French kiss is, every woman has her own different style of kissing. It all depends with the unique combination of your mouth’s anatomy. How wide you can stretch your jaws open, the length and width of your tongue and the height of sexual aggression and individual tastes. The mechanism applied is similar with any other type of kissing. All you have to do is tilt the head to one side, make your lips part, slowly ease your tongue into your lover’s parting lips.

The technique involved in a French kiss are divided into two. The two techniques are employed depending on how ready your lover is. If the panting suggests that he can’t wait to feel your lips, go for the lusty French kiss. This kind of French kiss doesn’t need any warm up. You are badly wanted by your lover and you want him as evidenced by your heavy breathing. Swiftly roll your tongue in circle’s around your lover’s mouth. This should be lusty thrusting. First do it shallowly then go deep. There should be coordination between the two mouths. Tilt your head to the other side and enjoy a repeat of the same. While at it you can as well bite his lower lip playfully. Lick his lower lip add a real French sensation.

If you feel that your lover needs some coaxing, go for the coy French kiss. The mellow breathing suggests a little warm up. Let the tip of your tongue lick his upper lip. Follow this by kissing him softly with no tongue involved. Teasingly taste his bottom lip them playfully brush your lips back and forth, up and down. Look at him seductively straight into his eyes. Eyes say a lot about what we feel and what we want. A sexy gaze can instantly arouse you to heightened levels. Add bits of moaning and a little panting to compliment your efforts. Easily slip your tongue between his parting lips. Continued coaxing will eventually lead to the lusty French kiss. Enjoy your French kiss while you are miles away from France.

Source by Francis K Githinji

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