4 Prominent Ways Social Media Can Intensify An App’s Users Engagement

With people nowadays largely intertwined with mobile devices, businesses seek to build mobile applications for driving customers to their services or products. However, owing to the cut-throat competition in the apps market, appreneurs started realising the need for more deep and impactful strategies to raise customer engagement in their apps. Consequently, developers started integrating some effective social media avenues in apps apart from providing a great user interface and feature richness. The touch of social media can prove to be enough fruitful for the owners as it keeps the existing users hooked for longer beside attracting new users. So, here’s explaining some proven social media strategies that help in raising user engagement in apps.

#1 One-click share
Mobile apps that offer easy share options are more likely to engage the users better. With a one-click button for sharing on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, apps readily allow the users to share anything they have liked, used and find interesting on the app with their friends on their social accounts. This not only gives app’s visibility on the social media but also help drawing customers from worldwide regions.

#2 Share of reward points or achievements
To make engagement on apps more exciting and tempting, makers can embed the feature of social sharing of user’s achievements on them. Many mobile applications depending on the utility let users earn reward points, virtual coins or scores with every step/stage they proceed. For instance, users of fitness apps are assigned with scores for the total miles walked with every passing day. Henceforth, allowing users to share their endeavors on their social account pages provide in them a sense of motivation. There’s pour in appreciation comments or congratulatory wishes on their performance report from social network circles which boost the confidence in users and lure others too to join the hard-hitting race.

#3 Referral programs
Mobile apps can gain considerable new users from nowhere by making their app viral overnight with specific social targeting. Referral programs in the app can help in that! Such schemes encourage the existing users to draw other new users by sending the app’s links to their social media friends. They are offered in return some appropriate reward points which they can redeem later for availing the app’s offers. Thus, referral schemes are a proven way to scale up the user base and can increase it at most by 15%.

#4 Tools for socialisers
Users love discussing common topics on social media platforms and know each other’s opinion. Hence, allowing users to get responses for their interests in the app is one effective way to increase engagement. The developers or owners can provide an easy feature in the app through which users can post their views, queries and seek answers from non-users in the social media. Such type of interaction on the social media helps inevitably in keeping users engaged and active on the app.

These are the some of the tried and tested techniques for engaging users of mobile applications through mass platforms. These help appreneurs to acquire more users by spreading word about their application as anything shared on social media platforms generate enough curiosity and lure the interested ones to try the same.

Source by Rob Stephen

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